About This Campus

FTC Cuddebackville is dedicated to the preservation, development, and promotion of traditional performing arts and culture.

In classical arts, it is believed that it takes much more than just technical or physical skill to become a superior artist. It also takes a deep understanding of life and humanity, refinement of the mind, and respect for something higher than oneself.

Thus, FTC Cuddebackville takes a holistic approach to higher education. In addition to achieving advanced skills in the performing arts, students must also broaden their intellectual capacity by developing skills in written and oral communication, critical and creative thinking, and cross-cultural communication, as well as a deeper awareness of the history and cultures of major world civilizations. This knowledge plays an invaluable role in informing their artistic sensibilities.

At the heart of a Fei Tian education, though, lies character development. Faculty, staff, and students at FTC Cuddebackville all hold themselves to the universal values of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance—the basic tenets of Falun Dafa, a meditation and cultivation practice with ancient roots. These seemingly simple words establish a fundamental moral framework and guide the students as they strive to continually elevate in mind, body, and spirit. They are the principles that distinguish a Fei Tian education.

Degree Programs

FTC Cuddebackville’s degree programs are rigorous and are designed for the serious aspiring artist who seeks a professional career or advanced studies in classical Chinese dance, music, or stage production and design.

This campus currently offers the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Classical Chinese Dance
  • Master of Fine Arts in Classical Chinese Dance
  • Bachelor of Music in Performance
  • Master of Music in Performance
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Stage Production and Design

These programs, together with their respective Departments of Dance, Music, and Stage Production and Design, complement one another and offer students a well-rounded academic experience. Moreover, through the College’s partnership with the renowned performing arts organization Shen Yun Performing Arts, students have ample opportunity to collaborate with world-class artists and to hone their artistry.

Meanwhile, the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) offers a curriculum that serves as the foundation of a college education, including a broad, coherent array of non-specialized coursework that ensures a breadth of knowledge that extends beyond the student’s major or specialization. Through the LAS courses, students develop the basic competencies that support continued growth and achievement in their careers and professions as well as in their lives more generally.

Campus Setting

The College’s Cuddebackville campus is situated on 30 acres of private grounds in the picturesque mountains of New York’s Lower Hudson Valley. The facilities and the setting offer a harmonious blend of Chinese and Western cultures. A number of the buildings are virtual replicas of Tang Dynasty temples in terms of their design and architecture. Enhanced by a charming lake and traditional Chinese gardens, the grounds are reminiscent of a setting in which a scholar in ancient China might stroll, reflecting upon life and our role in the universe.

Meanwhile, the main instruction buildings are contemporary-style facilities that house the classrooms, language and computer laboratories, specially designed dance studios and music rooms, library, and faculty and administrative offices. Students also have access to a fully equipped theater, cafeteria, student lounge, and residential facilities.