Entrance and Placement Testing

The College offers to incoming students placement tests for two purposes: (1) to determine students’ level of proficiency in specific subject areas in order to place them into the appropriate levels of courses; and (2) to determine what kind of remedial instruction, if any, a student may need in order to make the scheduled academic progress. The College’s placement tests are not used to award credit by examination.

All placement tests at the College are administered by the Offices of Academic Services and Admissions and Records.

Currently, the College offers placement tests in the following subjects: English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Chinese, and mathematics. The English placement test is offered to determine whether a student is in need of remedial English instruction, while the ESL placement test is offered to place a student in the appropriate course level in ESL or remedial English. The mathematics placement test is offered to students who are interested in taking calculus courses, to assess their readiness.