MFA in Classical Chinese Dance

Master of Fine Arts in Classical Chinese Dance

Fei Tian’s MFA in Classical Chinese Dance is a terminal degree in the field of classical Chinese dance. This program is designed to produce new leaders and experts within the field through advanced multidisciplinary studies and research in choreography, theory, pedagogy, and professional performance. The degree qualifies its graduates to work in a variety of leadership capacities in academic, artistic, and professional settings.

Individuals admitted to the program are expected to have completed systematic undergraduate training in classical Chinese dance and to have amassed related professional performance and/or teaching experience with a high degree of artistic achievement.

Program Requirements for the MFA in Classical Chinese Dance

The goals of the MFA program are:

  • Help students develop advanced technical proficiency and artistry in classical Chinese dance that enables them to pursue professional careers in performance, choreography, teaching, and/or administration.
  • Enable students to develop the ability to create original choreographic works in classical Chinese dance both independently and in collaboration with others, as well as to conduct research in dance.
  • Obtain requisite knowledge and skills for teaching and explaining dance in its cultural, historical, and aesthetic contexts through both verbal and written languages to audiences with diverse backgrounds.

The student learning outcomes of the MFA program are:

  • Artistry: Become refined dancers who infuse their artistic vision into their craft
    • Maintain technical proficiency while refining one’s expression of classical Chinese dance and stylistic understanding.
    • Develop further insight into movement range, processes, and movement principles in classical Chinese dance.
    • Exhibit a profound comprehension of Chinese dance repertory while examining the narrative qualities of one’s own performance.
    • Develop an individual perspective and artistic philosophy.
  • Creation and Research: Develop an ability to engage in artistic creation and/or investigative research while synthesizing theory with practice
    • Choreograph works that embody artistic achievement, individual style, and intellectual insight.
    • Be able to resourcefully conduct research, and document dance.
    • Effectively assemble and utilize knowledge for investigative purposes and theoretical inquiry.
    • Uncover new knowledge and areas of study in the field of Chinese dance.
  • Knowledge and Communication: Be sufficiently knowledgeable and able to communicate effectively about Chinese dance knowledge in a variety of cross-cultural settings.
    • Articulate and defend one’s theoretical understanding and artistic views through lucid oral and written discourse.
    • Become versed in describing and evaluating dance for a variety of functions and cultural settings.
    • Display extensive dance knowledge that encompasses areas in history, theory, science, and education and be able to describe their interrelation.

Table 1 lays out the program requirements for the MFA in Classical Chinese Dance.

The academic requirements for graduation are: (1) satisfactory completion of the program requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and (2) fulfillment of the residency requirement, which is normally at least one year of full-time study (the residency requirement may be adjusted under special circumstances).

Sample MFA graduation plans are available at the Department of Dance and the Office of Academic Services. Students are encouraged to meet with their graduate faculty advisors and academic advisor for individualized graduation planning and mentoring.

Table 1: Program Requirements for the MFA in Classical Chinese Dance (60 credits)

Course Code Course Title Cr Prerequisites Notes
Studio Core (23 credits)
DAN501R Graduate Classical Chinese Dance 4 Repeat for a total of 16 credits
DAN512 Graduate Choreography I 2
DAN521R Chinese Dance Repertory I 2 Repeat for a total of 4 credits
DAN551 Integration of Dance and Music 1
Academic Core (11 credits)
DAN510 Advanced Pedagogy I 2
DAN541 Chinese Dance Throughout the Ages 3
LAS550A Research Methodology in the Arts A 1
LAS550B Research Methodology in the Arts B 1
DAN561 Seminar: Dance in Cultural Context 2
DAN562 Topics in Chinese Dance Ethnography (Seminar) 2
Master’s Project (6 credits)
DAN650 Master’s Project 1-6 Instructor consent Complete a total of 6 credits
Approved Electives (20 credits)
Studio Electives (at least 10 credits)
DAN531 Acting for Stage 1
DAN555 Graduate Practicum 4 Instructor consent May be repeated for credit
DAN556 Graduate Independent Study or Project 1-6 Instructor consent May be repeated for credit
DAN601 Graduate Classical Chinese Dance Studio Practice 4 May be repeated for credit
DAN602 Techniques of Other Dance Systems I 2
DAN603 Techniques of Other Dance Systems II 2 DAN602
DAN612 Graduate Choreography II 2 DAN512
DAN621 Chinese Dance Repertory II 4 DAN521R
DAN671 Graduate Internship 1-4 Instructor consent May be repeated for credit
Non-Studio Electives
DAN511 Advanced Pedagogy II 2 DAN510
DAN610 Psychology in Dance Education 2
LAS522A Seminar in Performing Arts Management A 1.5
LAS522B Seminar in Performing Arts Management B 1.5
DAN523 Holistic Health for Artists 2
DAN631 Dance Kinesiology 2
LAS570 Media Technology for the Arts 2
DAN663 Perspectives on Dance Aesthetics (Seminar) 2