Bachelor of Fine Arts in Stage Production & Design

The academic requirements for graduation are the successful completion of the degree requirements specified in the following table with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 and a minimum major GPA of 2.5. In addition, a graduating student must have taken at least 50% of the required courses at the College.

Goals of the program include:

  • Enable students to lay a solid foundation in the fields of scenery and set, lighting, sound, digital media, stage management, and resource management, while building professional communication and collaboration skills.
  • Develop students’ artistic and cultural sensitivity, aesthetics, breadth, and professionalism, and assist them to integrate the artistic and the technological aspects of stage production and design.
  • Provide students opportunities to gain real-world experience in the stage production and design process, in order to better prepare them for careers related to the field.

Student learning outcomes of the program include:

  • Understand the fundamentals of traditional theater stage techniques including scenic, lighting, costume, and sound design.
  • Design scenery and set, lighting, sound, and backdrops, in accordance with the requirements of different performances and under the restrictions of the specificities of different theaters.
  • Apply and integrate visual elements, such as colors, shapes, and styles, into stage production and design, including scenery, set, backdrop, and costume design, on the basis of traditional aesthetics.
  • Adapt design to suit the theatrical needs of different cultural settings.
  • Effectively use technology to gather and communicate ideas and information to accomplish a specific task.
  • Collaborate with others to successfully complete production and design on the basis of a solid understanding of all aspects of stage production, including stage management and resource management.

Table 11.17 Credit Requirements for BFA in Stage Production and Design

Degree Requirements
General Education (LAS)
Major Core
Total Credits
The major requirements are comprised of fundamental courses in theater production, which provide students a solid technical foundation in the fields of set design, drafting, sound, lighting, and digital media techniques, as well as pre-professional experience and insight into real-life stage production and design.

Table 11.18 Major Core Requirements for the BFA in Stage Production and Design (67 Credits)

Course Code Course Title Cr Prerequisites
SPD101 Fundamentals of Stagecraft and Production 2
SPD111A Drawing A 2
SPD111B Drawing B 2 SPD111A
SPD120 Introduction to Digital Media 2
SPD140 Introduction to Theater History and Practices 3
SPD150 Rehearsal & Performance Production I 1
SPD155 Theater Production Practice I 3
SPD202 Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics 3
SPD204 Physics of Sound 2
SPD211A Drafting A 2
SPD211B Drafting B 2 SPD211A
SPD212 Scenic and Set Design I 3
SPD213 Lighting Design and Production I 3 SPD202
SPD220 Digital Media Production: Techniques 2 SPD120
SPD221 Digital Media 2D Matte Painting 3
SPD250 Rehearsal & Performance Production II 1 SPD150
SPD255 Theater Production Practice II 3 SPD155
SPD314A Live Sound A 2
SPD314B Live Sound B 2 SPD314A
SPD316 Costume Design I 3
SPD327 Rendering and Projection Techniques 2
SPD330 Stage Management: Concepts and Practice 3
SPD350 Rehearsal & Performance Production III 1 SPD250
SPD355 Theater Production Practice III 3 SPD255
SPD450 Rehearsal & Performance Production IV 1 SPD350
SPD455 Theater Production Practicum 3 SPD355
SPD456A Senior Project: Portfolio, Production, and Thesis A 4
SPD456BSenior Project: Portfolio, Production, and Thesis B4SPD456A

In addition to the major core courses above, students in the program are required to choose a minimum of 26 credits from the following elective courses related to the major.

Table 11.19 Electives for the BFA in Stage Production and Design (Select 26 Credits)

Course Code Course Title Cr Prerequisites
SPD223 Digital Media Filming and Editing 4 SPD220
SPD227 Introduction to Photography 2
SPD311 Scene Painting and Figure Drawing 2 SPD111B
SPD312 Scenic and Set Design II 3 SPD212
SPD313 Lighting Design and Production II 3 SPD213
SPD315 Drafting C (Vectorworks) 2 SPD211B
SPD324 Digital Media 3D Animation 4
SPD325 Digital Media Composition 3 SPD220
SPD328A Video Production for the Theater A 2 SPD220
SPD328B Video Production for the Theater B 2 SPD328A
SPD414A Advanced Live Sound A 2 SPD314B
SPD414B Advanced Live Sound B 2 SPD414A
SPD416 Costume Design II 3 SPD316
SPD426A Digital Media Portfolio A 4
SPD426BDigital Media Portfolio B4SPD426A

Sample BFA graduation plans for the stage production and design degree are available at the Office of Academic Services. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor for individualized graduation planning.